DRUMCO® created in 2008 to be an alternative worldwide network able to answer to the global needs of international customers in steel drums and industrial packaging is now ready to deliver to more than 10 countries. Each DRUMCO® member is a local expert in steel drums able to supply all kind of standardized drums (55Gallons and more) and services to your local factories on a global basis. The limited size of each DRUMCO® member allows some significant savings compared with other worldwide networks or companies and may give some interesting benefits to our customers. Our close relationships to your local factories by each DRUMCO® company decision makers will bring you a unique opportunity to acquire the best products with the best services at convenient prices. Our technical experts will help you in standardization and optimisation of your industrial packaging. Most of the DRUMCO® members producing other industrial packaging on top of steel drums we can offer you other products and services on a global basis. DRUMCO® is a legal entity based in France and will offer global key account management to all international companies.
President of DRUMCO®
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